ProjX360 Mobile App now Available for iOS, Android

ProjX360 has announced the release of a new mobile App for iOS and Android. The newly updated apps for Android and iPhone users supports offline time tracking and push notifications. 

“Our goal here at ProjX360 is to be the industries end-to-end SaaS management solution.” says Doug Greenwald Founder and CEO. 

The new mobile app will allow technicians to stay clocked in even when there is no internet service with ProjX360’s new offline time tacking feature. This new feature covers a scenario in which once technicians clock in and the jobsite they are going to doesn’t have service, it will keep the technicians clocked in. When the technicians leave and get back in service offline tracking feature will automatically sync back up and push up the time.  

The app will have push notifications so users will get notifications on the app anytime a notification comes through. The company also created a new home page with links to the most important parts of the system for technicians in the field, such as their schedule, work orders, tasks, and the document library to make it easy for them to access what they need.

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