Meridian Rebrands Distribution, now Distributed by Meridian

Distributed by Meridian

The high-performance Audio company Meridian has rebranded its distribution operation through its new Distributed by Meridian program.

Looking to go a step further, Meridian has announced the rebranding and development of DbM (Distributed by Meridian), as part of the Meridian Audio experience.

Since its inception in 2017, DbM has partnered with brands that share its desire to achieve the very best in media room and home cinema performance. DbM provides focussed expansion for its distribution partners, now an independent service that uses its array of connections to push partnered products out on the market, whilst also providing the best solutions for DbM dealers and integrators.

“DbM is an extension of the Meridian Audio experience, giving manufactures who share our desire for greatness more options,” comments Katy Bradshaw, director of marketing at DbM.

“DbM helps our dealers provide authentic and exceptional home theatre experiences for their clients, and we’ve been overjoyed with the positive feedback we’ve had since its launch. The independent DbM brand marks a new chapter for Meridian, as we look to expand our service and provide even more for our growing customer base working in the professional home integration channel.”

DbM currently hosts a range of innovative solutions from the following industry manufactures:

  • Barco Residential creates custom-designed, premium quality projectors, ideal for home cinema installations. Developed and manufactured with precision and care, Barco Residential projectors show the best possible imagery in any setting.
  • Display Technologies produces handcrafted bespoke projection screens and accessories that fuse the highest technical specification with the greatest ease of install, for the ultimate home cinema experience.
  • Cinema Acoustic Treatment System (C-ATS) is a unique acoustical treatment system designed to offer maximum performance with minimal loss of space across all frequencies, designed to be easily installed into any room.
  • Waterfall Audio uses a sophisticated manufacturing processes for glass cutting, creating an aesthetically stunning and unique glass-made speaker design for state-of-the-art audio quality.

DbM supports its customers’ desire for ease of installation with the complimentary Design and Specification Service (D&SS), assisting dealers in planning their project schemes as efficiently and accurately as possible. Solutions from all DbM partners are available now for integrators looking to craft the ultimate home cinema experience.

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