Lenbrook Announces BluOS Version 3.8 Operating System

BluOS Version 3.8

The newly updated BluOS Version 3.8 platform from Lenbrook features a number of system improvements

BluOS, a high-performance multiroom music management platform by Lenbrook International, has announced a number of enhancements that are now available with the release of version 3.8.

Users and integrators will be prompted to update their BluOS players in order to access the improvements, which include:

  • Support for Apple AirPlay 2 on the NAD M12 and M32 with the addition of an MDC BluOS 2i card
  • Addition of POWERNODE products to Bluesound Home Theater groups
  • Support for MQA-CD ripping on BLUESOUND VAULT and Masters M50 products
  • Support for MQA-CD playback on Masters M50 products
  • Option to disable rooms on a NAD CI 580 or Bluesound Professional B400S
  • Expanded IR learning capabilities
  • New front panel display layouts for the NAD Masters M10
  • Support for BluOS Controller when multitasking on iOS devices
  • Custom Channels and Qsic, new music streaming services for businesses and commercial spaces

MQA-CD Playback and Ripping

Lenbrook also points out that owners of BLUESOUND’s VAULT and NAD Masters M50.2 BluOS Enabled players will be able to rip and store MQA-CDs.

The company explains that in many countries the CD is still a popular medium for music listening. The unique way in which MQA-CDs are encoded allows them to deliver studio-quality sound in the CD format, which has never been possible previously due to space limitations inherent to the format. NAD Masters M50 and M50.2 owners will have the additional ability to decode and play back MQA content from an MQA-CD.

The POWERNODE 2i – now Provides Surround Sound Options

The versatile Bluesound POWERNODE amplifier can now be used as part of a wireless BluOS home theater setup to play true Dolby Digital surround sound. Using a POWERNODE 2i (with HDMI) or a Soundbar 2i as the primary source connected to a TV and acting as front left and right channels, rear channels can then be added by using a pair of PULSE FLEXes or another POWERNODE of any generation. Users can easily set up a home theater group with the help of an intuitive wizard in the BluOS Controller.

Greater Control for Integrators

Lenbrook adds that another benefit of the new BluOS Version 3.8 platform is that custom integrators in the residential and commercial sectors will have greater control over their players, including expanded IR learning abilities, and the option to disable zones in key rack-mounted streaming products. 

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