iPoint Introduces Multi-Site Inventory Functionality

Managing a company with multiple locations is hard enough, and iPoint says that tracking inventory for each site can allow an even larger challenge.

Through the launch of the new iPoint multi-site inventory management option, customers can tackle their inventory in multiple sites independently of one another.

iPoint explains that companies can continue to manage their day-to-day workflow in iPoint’s one solution-based software without the need to completely switch files for their different sites. That means, if a company has a site in Salem, Ore., and just opens a new location in Portland, Ore., iPoint can continue to track jobs, employees, and inventory all in one file. The multi-site feature is easy to set up and even allows users to define tax rates for each site separately. And since it is all in one file, stock can easily be transferred from one store to another. 

The multi-site feature also allows work to be assigned only in a specific site for jobs. Technicians and managers can filter by location site to see what has been assigned to each site. Items can also be assigned to certain selling locations, helpful in cases when an item is only sold through one location. With multi-site Inventory, users can quickly and easily track just the parts used in each store and grant access to employees from each site to get the things they need to get.

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