IntelliVision Adds Face Mask Detection to Video Analytics

IntelliVision, a Nortek Security & Control (NSC) brand and specialist in AI and deep learning video and audio analytics software for video cameras, has announced the addition of face mask detection to its range of real-time video analytics.

The IntelliVision face mask detection analytic was developed using a deep learning neural network and trained on thousands of images of people wearing various designs of face masks, the company explains. In addition to face mask detection, IntelliVision has been providing advanced face recognition analytics for over 10 years.

“Face mask detection is the first and most important line of defense in any back-to-work or public access COVID-19 protection strategy,” says Vaidhi Nathan, SVP Cameras and Analytics, NSC.

“The IntelliVision face mask detection analytic ensures that employees, shoppers and customers are complying with safety guidelines, and is designed to send an alert if a mask is not detected. IntelliVision is committed to helping its customers and the market get back to work safely.”

Face mask detection is the first of several products to be released by IntelliVision as part of a broader COVID-19 back-to-work solution, the company adds.

IntelliVision’s roster of AI video and audio analytics solutions includes face recognition, object classification (humans, vehicles, pets, airplanes), intelligent object detection, intrusion/perimeter watch, object left/removed, and license plate recognition (LPR/ANPR).

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