EnGenius Introduces Facebook Wi-Fi Integration

EnGenius Technologies Inc., a multinational networking company, has announced that it has integrated Facebook Wi-Fi into its EnGenius Cloud Solution.

The networking company explains that Facebook Wi-Fi helps small and medium-sized businesses provide an easy guest Wi-Fi experience while increasing customer engagement and awareness. From coffee shops to event venues, customers can easily connect to the business’s Wi-Fi, provided by the business’s internet service provider, using their Facebook or Instagram accounts to sign-in, and to engage with the business on social media.

EnGenius is integrating Facebook Wi-Fi on its license-free Cloud networking solution. SMBs can use the EnGenius Cloud To-Go app to install the easy plug-and-play access point and enable the Facebook Wi-Fi feature in minutes. In addition to helping people easily connect to a business’s Wi-Fi, Facebook Wi-Fi helps SMBs increase customer engagement and awareness by giving customers the option to engage with the business on Facebook and Instagram. 

“We are pleased to deliver Facebook Wi-Fi as part of our EnGenius Cloud Solution,” says MC Leo, general manager of EnGenius.

“Facebook Wi-Fi provides small business owners an effortless way to set up a Wi-Fi captive portal for their visitors.”

Benefits of Facebook Wi-Fi for SMBs

Facebook Wi-Fi makes it easy for a customer to connect to a business’s Wi-Fi through a captive portal, using their Facebook or Instagram logins. Businesses have the ability to customize the connection length and integrate their Facebook page and Instagram profile for users to engage with. 

By making it easy for customers to engage with a business’s online presence, whether by checking in on Facebook or following their Instagram profile, Facebook Wi-Fi gives businesses an opportunity to increase their organic social engagement with their customers and their friends. 

Facebook Wi-Fi provides business owners with insight, based on aggregate data, into the total number of check-ins from Facebook Wi-Fi, broken down by new, one-time and returning visitors. 

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