ecobee Thermostats now Support Multi-Speed Fan Options

ecobee, a manufacturer of smart Wi-Fi Thermostat, has announced the launch of Multi-Speed Fan support and a new intuitive Pro setup flow.

According to the company, these new updates make it easier and faster than ever for custom installers and HVAC professionals to deliver a smart comfort solution to homeowners living in multifamily residences. 

As part of this new Multi-Speed Fan support, ecobee has developed Optimize Mode, which automates a home’s fan speed in order to optimize energy efficiency by running fans at lower speeds without sacrificing comfort. This energy saving feature is AI-driven and uses data including the desired setpoint, the temperature throughout the home, and equipment efficiency in order to operate effectively. Homeowners can enjoy less noise, better indoor air quality and improved energy savings with ecobee’s proprietary Optimize Mode for Multi-Speed Fan systems. 

“Traditionally, multi-speed fan setup is seen as a time consuming task, especially for thermostats that lack streamlined setups and intuitive features.” says Derrick Boyce, executive vice president of sales, ecobee.

“With the addition of multi-speed fan functionality, ecobee thermostats are now the most compatible controls available in the market today. ecobee is helping Pros simplify their business by creating fewer products that work in more applications. We’ve listened to our customers and are excited to roll out this highly requested feature.”

With the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) forecasting new construction of more than 1.3 million multifamily housing starting in 2021, there is massive opportunity for HVAC pros to take advantage of ecobee’s competitive features designed to make energy savings and home comfort easy and hassle-free for homeowners and property managers. 

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