DMF Lighting Launches Dealer Web Portal

 DMF Lighting, a manufacturer of modular downlighting for the custom home integration channel, has announced the launch of a purchasing portal exclusive to the custom installation market.

The portal features the ability to order complete lighting kits, housing, modules, and trim without ever looking at a product number.

DMF explains that all integrators need to do is select the type of application, the lighting source features, the preferred visual aesthetic of the trim, and the quantity. The portal automatically ensures compatibility and eliminates product choice errors.

“We know that our customers are busier than ever, so we want to make purchasing our product easier and more convenient for them,” says Mike Libman, national sales director, residential systems, DMF Lighting.

“Our customers want to be able to order at any time of day and want the process to be simple and error-proof. DMF is committed to product innovation as well as providing the best experience before, during, and after a sale.”

The portal streamlines not only the ordering system, but also fulfillment. Most orders ship within two business days. Because DMF has updated the production process to accommodate additional inventory and faster turnaround, some orders will even ship within 24 hours.

“My business partner Wes and I are in the midst of overhauling our office with DMF, so it was really easy to log in and verify everything we needed,” comments Ryan Shelton, owner of the custom installation company Twisted Pair Media.

“The site is so intuitive that you don’t really need to know the part numbers, as the portal systematically updates the options available as you select them to configure parts correctly. The high-res images look great and are extremely helpful. DMF’s new portal is super-simple and delivers a pleasant ordering experience.”

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