CEDIA Study Examines Australian Install Market

CEDIA has released results of a first-of-its-kind study designed to address previously unanswered questions about the size and scope of the Australian install market, and the challenges facing the industry and workforce.

 CEDIA Market Research Insights – Australia 2020/2021 overwhelmingly identified a lack of qualified technicians as the biggest hurdle facing the Australian install market. Among those who were surveyed, the work-from-home movement was identified as the biggest opportunity and audio was identified as the biggest growth category in 2020.

The report, free for CEDIA members and $A999 for non-members, was compiled with input from 230 integrators and 25 suppliers and features additional points of interest, including:

  • The number of full-time integrators working in the Australian install market
  • Locations where integrators are based
  • The level of industry education
  • The scope of influence electricians and registered cablers have on the Australian smart home sector
  • A list of top industry influencers

“Having access to this insight at a time when the global economy is facing post-COVID recovery, causing businesses to rethink their strategy, will be insightful for integrators and distributors locally, and the global manufacturers who are active in the market,” says Wendy Griffiths, vice president engagement and global development, CEDIA.

“CEDIA will be better positioned to support our members and develop regionally-specific benefits and programmes. Thank you to those who supported this research, enabling us to categorically say that the results are an accurate reflection of the market.”

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