CEDIA Offers Members Support via Help Lightning

Help Lightning is introducing a game-changing virtual expertise product to CEDIA member integrators and vendors. The company’s patented technology merges two real- time video streams so experts can virtually reach out and touch what their customer or technician is working on. With Help Lightning,

“We think that offering it free for 60 days is a good way to kick start your way toward the COVID-19 recovery by differentiating yourself to your customers now, when they need you the most,” said Mike Giffin, vice president of business development for Help Lightning.

“Reasonable customers may understand if you can’t deliver during the current epidemic; but they’ll be disappointed. On the other hand, if you’ve made the effort to figure out how to safely provide contactless virtual expertise to help them, they’ll be surprised and delighted. You’ll almost certainly make them promoters of your company—and customers for life.”

Wendy Griffiths, vice president of engagement & global development, CEDIA, adds the trade group looks forward to providing this offer to its members.

“We’re delighted to bring our members this great and timely offer from Help Lightning,” comments Griffiths. 

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