Xtreme Power Conversion P91 1.5-3.5kVA Online UPS

Releasing its latest uninterruptible power supply (UPS), Xtreme Power Conversion has introduced its P91 Li 1.5-3kVA Lithium-Ion Online UPS.

Xtreme Power Conversion (XPC) says that its latest UPS solution incorporates Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries to deliver up to 10 years of battery life to minimize the maintenance requirements related to the upkeep of UPS products.

According to the company, that when compared typical lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries provide twice the service life, as well as higher temperature tolerances, longer internal runtimes, and faster recharges.

XPC says that its P91 UPS provides users with clean power in challenging power situations for applications that range from computing and retail point of sale, to light industrial and residential. The company also states the P91 1.5-3.5kVA Online UPS products also incorporate a battery management system that includes over voltage protection, over current protection and temperature protection.

Other features the new UPS products offer include a maintenance bypass module to support the service and replacement of the units without interrupting the delivery of power.

The company adds the P91 is available in several version and the products recharge up to 90% within 90 minutes. XPC backs the product line with a full six-year warranty.

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P91 Li 1.5-3kVA lithium-ion online UPS 120-volt
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