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WMS-CPU-4 and WMS-CPU-8 Equipment Shelves

Helping integration professionals to support their clients’ desire to achieve efficient work spaces, Lowell Manufacturing has introduced its WMS-CPU-4 and WMS-CPU-8 Equipment Shelves.

Lowell Manufacturing states that its latest products represent a new design concept for wall-mount shelves and the products streamline desktops by moving computers into their own separate spaces.

The Pacific, Mo.-based company explains the steel shelves have keyhole mounting slots on 16-inch centers to enable the products’ mounting on walls or the sides of desks.

Lowell Manufacturing says the WMS-CPU-4 provides a 4-inch depth and WMS-CPU-8 provides an 8-inch depth. The shelves are made with 14-gauge steel and they have a weight capacity of 75 pounds.

According to the company, the products can be used to support computers, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and other equipment.

Additionally, the WMS-CPU shelves come with 50-inch lengths of hooks and loop straps to secure components in place once they are located to the shelves.

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CPU-4 and WMS-CPU-8 Equipment Shelves
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