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Remote Power Controls P-Series

The newly announced Lowell Manufacturing Remote Power Controls P-Series now feature RJ45 connections.

Lowell Manufacturing says that its newly updated product line now called the Remote Power Controls (RPC-P Series) solutions include a choice of several relays (RY-P) and Sequencers (SEQ-P Series) to provide professional integrators a choice of components to fit the needs of every job scenario.

According to the company, using these products means that instead of connecting each device to the sequencer, the RPCs and relays can connect to each other in any order.

This connection option Lowell Manufacturer points out, enables integrators to scale systems from small to large easily using category cabling.

Lowell Manufacturing says its SEQ-P4 can control as many as 20 remote power controls or relays (for a total of 80), so its pass-through option can save integrators time during the installation of medium and large systems.

The RPCs and relays also provide integrators with a step selection switch that allows the start-up position for any device to change at the flip of a switch without rewiring the devices.

The St. Louis, Mo.-based company adds that its Remote Power Controls P-Series pass-through remote power controls, relays and sequencers are made in the U.S.A. with raw materials sourced from American companies.

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