USAi Lighting
LittleOnes 1-inch Aperture Downlights

Providing integrators a “big thing in a small package,” USAi Lighting has introduced its LittleOnes 1-inch aperture downlights.

USAi Lighting states that its latest product series provides integrators with a collection of LED lighting products that install into a range of environments that include homes, offices and public spaces.

According to the company, the new LittleOnes deliver high levels of lighting without the glare and distracting visuals of traditional lighting products.

USAi Lighting points out that its new lighting products can produce over 1,000 lumens of light, while maintaining an interior space’s architectural standards.

The N.Y.-based lighting company says some of the other benefits of the LittleOnes 1-inch aperture downlights include complete coverage with uniform vertical light that spans from ceiling to floor, as well as smooth, flicker-free dimming down to 0.1% to help users create specific moods.

Additionally, the new aperture lighting products are capable of delivering aimable spot lighting to highlight specific elements within a room. The lights are also available in square and round shapes, and USAi Lighting provides trimmed, trimless and millwork trim styles to help the lights integrate into a variety of ceiling styles.

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LittleOnes 1-inch aperture downlights
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