SureCall Fusion4Home Max Cell Phone Signal Booster

Introducing what it says is its most powerful residential cell-phone signal booster ever, SureCall has announced its Fusion4Home Max Cell-Phone Signal Booster.

Designed for locations with weak cell-phone signals, the Calif.-based company’s newest product improves the reliability and quality of voice, text and data signals across all North American cellular networks.

SureCall points out the Fusion4Home Max incorporates its proprietary Extended Range Technology (ERT) that overcomes the signal loss in the outdoor cable to amplify the strongest point outside the building before sending those signals inside the home. The company emphasizes this feature enables the Fusion4Home Max to cover multiple simultaneous home occupants using 4G LTE and 5G devices, including hotspots.

Some of the other technologies built into the latest SureCall cell-phone booster include the company’s 2XP technology that doubles uplink transmission power to cell towers to help users stay connected in areas that typically have trouble receiving reliable signals.

SureCall says as a result of the combination of the EXT and 2XP technologies, the Fusion4Home Max cell-phone booster provides the ability to deliver consistent signals and quality data streams in a variety of environments.

The West Coast company adds that its newest cell-phone booster like its other products are designed, tested and built in the U.S., and the use of the Fusion4Home Max will provide homeowners with increased battery life on their smart devices.

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