Starke Sound P Series of Passive Loudspeakers

Designed to enable integrators to install high-performance, private cinemas, Starke Sound has announced its P Series of Passive Loudspeakers.

The company says that its latest line of loudspeakers are designed to pair with its A and AD multichannel amplifiers, and the products incorporate its horn-loaded Air Motion Transformer (AMTHome) tweeters.

Starke Sound states through the use of its AMTHome tweeters the P Series of speakers are capable of producing high SPL (sound pressure levels) to replicate a true theater experience. According to the company, the tweeters are the result of a two-year development process, and through the combination of the tweeters and custom drivers located in “industrial enclosures” the speakers can be placed behind acoustically transparent screens or built into walls and ceilings.

The speakers are engineered to produce frequency responses from 40Hz to beyond 40kHz in rooms ranging in size from 500 to 5,000 square feet.

Starke Sound will initially launch the P Series with a choice of three models: the P3/P3i all-around loudspeaker, the P5 main loudspeaker and the P7 main loudspeaker. The P3 speaker can be used for a range of applications in rooms with projection distances up to 32 feet. The P5 can be used as a LCR, and it features a 12-inch woofer. The P5 can be used to cover seating within 50-foot distances. The P7 is designed for medium to large rooms, and it also incorporates a 12-inch woofer. The speaker also incorporates a 6.5-inch midrange driver, and it features a vibration-damping swivel system that allows for 120-degrees of rotation left to right.

Additionally, the speakers also feature SpeakON connectors, along with Starke Sound’s S-Link speaker connection.

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P Series of Passive Loudspeakers
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Prices range from $2,500 each to $9,500 each