Severtson Screens Ultra Short Throw ALR Projection Screens

Providing professional integrators with a choice of new Ultra Short Throw screen options, Severtson Screens has announced its Ultra Short Throw series of ALR screen products.

The San Tan Valley, Ariz.-based company will show its newest product line in booth number 4416 during the CEDIA Expo 2021 on September 1-3. Severtson Screens explains the new Ultra Short Throw ALR Projection Screen products are engineered to reject ambient light to provide homeowners with bright, clear images in rooms that contain ambient light.

Severtson Screens points out the line of ultra-short throw screens offers integrators an ALR (ambient light rejecting) material that delivers high levels of contrast and compatibility with UltraHD 4K content. Other features the product line offers include a gain of 0.6, along with a half gain viewing angle of 85 degrees, and a cone viewing angle of 170 degrees.

The West Coast video company adds that its latest line of screen products through their optical film coating and dark color deliver shimmer-free images and high levels of value to homeowners.

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Ultra Short Throw series of projection screens
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