Screen Innovations (SI) Kratos Power Supply

Strengthening its line of shade products, Screen Innovations has just introduced its Kratos power supply.

The Texas-based manufacturer says that its latest shade product features an all-metal design, as well as a plenum-rating, and 250 watts of power that provides integrators the versatility necessary to install an array of shading systems.

Screen Innovations (SI) explains the affordable Kratos power supply is a much more approachable power solution than competing shade products, and through the use of the Kratos, integrators can deliver low-voltage shading systems to their clients at lower price points.

The projection screen and shading company emphasizes the steel-chassis power supply runs cool to the touch, and because of its plenum rating integrators can use it for in-wall, riser and general plenum installations.

SI also explains that each of the Kratos’ eight ports are protected against electrical shorts and mis-wirings.

In addition, the company notes the power supply can be used as a complement to its Zigbee 3.0 low-voltage motors, and as an alternative to 485-based shading designs.

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Kratos Power Supply
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