Pro TV

Utilizing the company’s Crystal UHD image technologies, the new Samsung Business line of Pro TVs enable businesses to communicate customized content to the public.

According to Samsung, through the use of its Crystal UHD technologies, the Pro TV displays are able to reproduce high dynamic range (HDR) and wide color gamuts, along with 4K resolutions (3840 x 2160).

The slim-profile displays are available in a choice of screen sizes ranging from 43 inches to 75 inches to meet a range of business needs.

Supported by the companion Samsung Business app business owners can create their own custom content to display on the Pro TV products.

The displays are capable of producing brightness levels up to 250 nits, and to comply with the demands of modern business, the products are rated to run for 16 hours per day/seven days a week.

Other features built into the Pro TV displays include Bluetooth, optical audio outputs, a pair of HDMI inputs, a USB input, and media players.

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Pro TV
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