Ruckus Wi-Fi 6 Certified Products

WhyReboot has introduced its Ruckus Wi-Fi Certified 6 Access Point Program that includes the latest 802.11ax Ruckus products.

The Florida-based networking company says the Wi-Fi Certified 6 Access Point Program features solutions such as the Cumulus and Cirrus networking packages.

According to WhyReboot, some of the certified products include the Ruckus R750 and R650 indoor wireless access points (WAPs), and the T750 outdoor WAP.

WhyReboot states that Wi-Fi Certified 6 products deliver up to four times the speed of Wi-Fi 5 devices, and they incorporate multi-gigabit technologies to support the ability to deliver speeds up to 2.5 Gps over basic Cat-5e cabling.

Outlining the Cumulus6 network package, WhyReboot says the solution drop ships from anywhere and once the access points are plugged into a network they will automatically configure. The system’s companion app allows partners to login from anywhere to address problems or to make changes.

WhyReboot explains one of the major benefits of the new Cumulus6 program is that it provides a great opportunity for dealers to service and upgrade their clients without ever having to step into their homes because it ships preprogrammed and ready to go.

The advantage of this feature is that currently with work from home and distance learning the new norm in so many households, the feature gives integrators the opportunity to go back to their clients and offer the Wi-Fi 6 Certified upgrade that they need, and with social distancing protocols in place all over the country, integrators can abide by those rules while still generating income.

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