Ring Access Controller Pro 2

The popular home security brand Ring has introduced its latest product: The Access Controller Pro 2.

Ring says that its new second-generation Access Controller Pro 2 is a solution that makes it easier to grant remote gate access to visitors, home repairman and delivery people.

The global electronics brand states that its latest product supports cellular and Ethernet connectivity from a single device. Ring says the remote access control device provides homeowners with a secure means of remotely unlocking their electronically controlled gates, and it provides options such as Key by Amazon to enable in-gate delivery services.

Ring emphasizes that its new remote gate control product utilizes a smaller form factor, as well as a sleeker, more home-friendly industrial design, and it installs easier to make it installer friendly.

The company also states that through the Access Controller Pro 2 device, homeowners can also connect to Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cams to see, hear and speak with visitors before granting them access to their properties.

Ring adds that homeowners that don’t own its other products such as the doorbells and cameras can still use the Pro 2 device and employ the Key by Amazon option. To enable this functionality the company points out that all that needs to be done is configure their delivery preferences through the Key by Amazon app.

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Access Controller Pro 2
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Ring Access Controller Pro 2
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