FIBBR’s Pure2 active fiber optic HDMI cable features a new, more powerful optical engine, increased bandwidth (24Gbps), and a USB pigtail power supply to ensure that the optical engine never runs out of power.

FIBBR’s active connector design contains an optical engine that is no larger than a passive design. The Pure2 design adds a power safeguard in the form of a USB pigtail. When a connected device needs an additional boost to properly power the engine, the pigtail provides it from an adjacent USB jack. The pigtail can swing to either side for flexible placement.

Designed for evolving video standards, FIBBR’s Pure2 extends its bandwidth to 24Gbps, supporting 12-bit color depth with 4K resolution, 60 Hz frame rate, and 4:4:4 color — providing integrators with a reliable way to deliver HDR content without signal loss or interference at longer distances. Pure2 also supports ARC.

Pure2’s design combines Data Display Channel (DDC) and Hot Plug Detection (HPD) signals into a single copper wire, using FIBBR’s proprietary TransFuture technology. To ensure fail-safe operation, two microcontroller units on both sides of the cable encode and decode EDID/HDCP and HDP signals using a one-wire bidirectional transmission protocol patented by FIBBR. The firmware includes options to easily manage changing compatibility requirements.

Like all HDMI models from FIBBR, Pure2 features proprietary BendRobust technology that allows the fi ber to bend up to 180 degrees for extreme flexibility. The slim, lightweight design is housed in a PET-braided jacket. All FIBBR cables are made with the highest-quality glass fiber available exclusively from YOFC, the world’s largest maker of glass fiber

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