NepTune-B Surface Mount Speaker

OWI is a 40-year-old loudspeaker company that specializes in outdoor and commercial audio products, and recently the company introduced its new NepTune-B surface-mount loudspeaker.

The West Coast audio company explains that it adapted its SAT360 omni-directional pendant product for use as a surface-mount solution for walls, ceilings and building-support beams as part of the development cycle for its latest speaker.

OWI states the NepTune-B is engineered to provide wide dispersion characteristics to help cover large areas without having to aim the speakers.

The weatherized speaker is available in a choice of black or white finishes, and OWI notes the speaker also provides 8-ohm and 70/100-volt options.

Additionally, OWI says the speaker can be used in environments that include retail stores, restaurants, classrooms, meeting rooms and residential patios.

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