Next Level Acoustics
Fusion Frame

The Next Level Acoustics Fusion Frame is a stylish and functional solution that is designed to complement Samsung’s The Frame video system.

Featuring a depth of just 1.75 inches, the latest product from Next Level Acoustics incorporates the company’s 4.5-inch aluminum-convex cone drivers and rare-earth neodymium motor system designs to enable the speaker system to produce high levels of sound quality.

The lifestyle speaker system also features flipped-speaker terminal cups for easy cable management, and a choice of black or white finishes.

Next Level Acoustics adds the Fusion Frame can also be ordered with custom finishes to accommodate the product’s integration into a range of home interiors.

Moreover, the Fusion Frame is also available in a choice of sizes that include 43-, 49-, 55-, 65-inch stereo versions, and 55- and 65-inch LCR versions.

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Fusion Frame
Next Level Acoustics
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