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CI 16-60 DSP Whole House AV Amplifier

Designed specifically for whole-house AV applications, the newly announced CI 16-60 DSP Amplifier from NAD provides integrators with a host of setup options.

The new NAD distribution amplifier is rated to deliver 60 watts into an 8-ohm load to each of its 16 channels.

NAD points out the CI 16-60 DSP Amplifier incorporates a customized version of the Hypex UcD output stage to produce low distortion power. According to the company, the amplifier is engineered to efficiently deliver power even in situations where there are long cabling runs.

Helping integrators to streamline the setup of the amplifier, NAD says the amp uses IP technologies that includes a web-based interface to facilitate installations.

Internally, the CI 16-60 DSP Amplifier features DSP (digital signal processing) that provides equalization (EQ), and other functions such as a virtual patch bay that allows for any input to be routed to any output or multiple outputs without making physical connections.

NAD adds the CI 16-60 DSP Amplifier user interface also provides options such as power cycling, factory reset capabilities, and system updates.

Moreover, the whole-house, 16-channel amp’s rear panel connections support daisy chain configurations.

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CI 16-60 DSP Amplifier
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