Lowell Manufacturing
WXR-1212 Series Wall Racks

The Pacific, Mo.-based AV equipment company, Lowell Manufacturing, has announced its new WXR-1212 Series of wall racks.

Lowell Manufacturing explains the WXR-1212 series of wall racks are designed to keep equipment organized in tight spaces in locations where floor space is limited.

The WXR Series incorporates a slim 19.21-inch wide open frame with 14-gauge steel tops and bases that can be mounted on 16-inch centers to form a stable platform for patch panels, routers, switches, telecom and computing equipment.

The Midwestern company points out that it provides a wide selection of rack sizes, including depths as shallow as six inches, and depths as deep as 18 inches. Lowell Manufacturing also offers rack heights that range from eight units all the way up to 30 rack units.

Lowell Manufacturing adds that its latest wall racks are made in the U.S. with certified U.S. steel, and they include black powder epoxy finishes.

The racks also ship unassembled to integrators to facilitate easy shipments.

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WXR-1212 Series of Wall Racks
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