Limited Edition Cobalt Blue Josh Micro Home Control Processor

As part of its sixth anniversary celebration, has introduced a limited edition cobalt blue version of its Josh Micro home control processor. says the cobalt blue version model was produced in a small batch with a limited quantity available to its authorized dealer network.

The company explains the Josh Micro incorporates the ability to handle an entire home’s control processing, and it provides voice control intelligence to support intuitive voice command capabilities. points out that as part of its core philosophy that one of its primary objectives is to support homeowners’ desire for safe and secure home technologies by emphasizing the data privacy and security of its systems. The company states it does not share data to external parties for profit, and unlike the mass-market voice control products, its system does not act like a “Trojan horse” and gather user information.

Additionally, stresses that it has not overlooked the aesthetics of the Josh Micro.

The product is designed to wall mount or it can reside on a table, countertop or desk to blend into just about any room. The 1.7-inch tall Josh Micro’s diameter measures just 3.9 inches, and it weighs less than a half pound to further support its integration into just about any home space.

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Josh Micro
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