Juke Audio
Juke-6 and Juke-8 Multiroom Audio Systems

The California-based company Juke Audio has introduced its Juke-6 and Juke-8 multiroom audio systems.

As the product names imply, the Juke Audio Juke-6 is a six-zone multiroom audio system, and the Juke-8 is an eight-zone multiroom audio system.

According to the Juke Audio, through the use of Wi-Fi connectivity homeowners can play audio from an iOS- or Mac OS-based product to any zone within their house.

The Juke-6 incorporates 12 channels of amplification to power six zones of of stereo audio, and the Juke-8 incorporates 16 channels of amplification to power eight zones of audio.

Both systems are designed to enable users to play as many as four zones simultaneously.

Juke Audio explains the products are designed to setup within minutes. Juke Audio says as an example, the Juke-6 or Juke-8 can be placed by an integrator into a closet or cabinet. From, the company says, all the professional integrator needs to do is run the speaker cables, and connect the units to the network via Ethernet or wirelessly using WPA2 encryption.

The company adds the Juke-6 and Juke-8 are compatible with speaker loads ranging from 2- to 8 ohms to allow for lots of speaker choices to complement the systems.

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Product Info:

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Juke-6 and Juke-8
Juke Audio
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Juke-6 is $999 and the Juke-8 is $1,199