Funnel Lead Tracking Program

Jetbuilt, a developer of web-based AV proposal and estimation software tools for professional integrators has announced its latest solution: Funnel, a new lead tracking program.

According to Jetbuilt, its new product will help integrators turn leads into revenue opportunities.

The Newport Beach, Calif.-based company says it developed its new Funnel lead tracking program after listening to its users “struggle” with handling their customer leads.

The Funnel lead tracking program follows a lead from the moment it enters the top of the “funnel” through its various stages until it becomes a contracted project.

Emails to and from leads are synched and archived within the software platform to allow any member of an integration team to interact with any portion of an email conversation. Tasks are also assigned and scheduled to help ensure leads are not lost or forgotten.

Jetbuilt adds the funnel page provides a high-level view, and its “heat indicator” ranks leads to allow users to prioritize by temperature to take an appropriate action.

Teams are also alerted once the funnel is becoming low to support users’ ability to take action to “reload” the funnel with new qualified leads.

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