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Jetbuilt adds More Languages to Management Software

Jetbuilt, the international AV project sales and management software is pleased to announce the ability to present proposals in French, Spanish and German, as well as American and British English. Paul Dexter, founder and CEO of Jetbuilt, notes the next step is to translate the platform itself into these languages to provide the ability for global teams […]

Robert Archer · January 03, 2022

How Integrators Can Sell More Products Via the Art of Presentation

Creating a perfect plan for an AV project requires more than designing a good system, and integrators who take the time to focus on their presentation materials may end up making more money.

CE Pro Editors · October 25, 2021

Are Integrators Designing Projects for Free?

There is an important line between submitting a basic proposal and creating a complete AV design for a client, so it’s critical to make sure integrators aren’t working for free.

CE Pro Editors · October 18, 2021

Are Integrators Listening to Clients Properly?

It’s important for integrators to listen carefully to the preferences of the client, which requires asking the right questions and designing without bias.

CE Pro Editors · October 06, 2021

Jetbuilt global initiative

Jetbuilt Announces new Global Business Initiative

Jetbuilt, a provider of AV sales & project software, has announced its initiative to equalize the way it serves the international community, which currently accounts for 25% of its client base. Jetbuilt launched in 2015 to fill a gap in the industry for a sales tool built for collaborating teams. Jetbuilt says that it discovered that […]

Robert Archer · October 05, 2021

Tom Peters Jetbuilt

Jetbuilt adds Former Infocomm President Tom Peters to Staff

Jetbuilt, a provider of AV estimating and project management software, has announced the addition of Tom Peters, industry veteran and former Infocomm president, to the Jetbuilt team. As co-founder of SybaTek, 2012 Integrator of the Year and more, Peter’s extensive experience and expertise places him in a unique position to serve the AV community from within […]

Robert Archer · August 17, 2021

Jetbuilt Stock

Jetbuilt Stock Inventory and Warehouse Tracking Tool

The AV proposal and project management software company Jetbuilt is set to launch its new Jetbuilt Stock inventory and warehouse tracking tool at CEDIA Expo 2021. Exhibiting in booth number 5049, Jetbuilt explains that its newest product enables users to organize and follow equipment through the design, purchasing, receiving, storage, transporting, installation and service phases […]

Robert Archer · August 11, 2021

Funnel Lead Tracking Program

Funnel Lead Tracking Program

Jetbuilt, a developer of web-based AV proposal and estimation software tools for professional integrators has announced its latest solution: Funnel, a new lead tracking program. According to Jetbuilt, its new product will help integrators turn leads into revenue opportunities. The Newport Beach, Calif.-based company says it developed its new Funnel lead tracking program after listening […]

Robert Archer · February 06, 2020