Stewart Filmscreen
Harmony G2 Acoustical Weave Screen Material

Working with the Conn.-based acoustic consulting company SH Acoustics, Stewart Filmscreen has released its new Harmony G2 acoustical weave screen material.

Stewart Filmscreen says that its newest screen material has been third-party tested and verified by SH Acoustics to minimize the loss of mid- to high frequencies and outperform other acoustical screen products by at least a dB from 5kHz to 20kHz.

The Torrance, Calif.-based high-performance video equipment manufacturer also points out the Harmony G2 acoustical weave screen material also delivers realistic, “truer whites, as well as real-life skin tones.”

Stewart Filmscreen explains other attributes of the Harmony G2 acoustical weave screen material include a wide viewing angle with a half gain more than 80-degrees off axis, and high levels of true color behavior both on and off axis without the typical blue skew effects.

The flame-resistant, 0.7-gain screen material is also compatible with a range of resolutions that include 4K.

Stewart Filmscreen offers the Harmony G2 acoustical weave screen material in a choice of configurations in sizes up to 9 feet tall and 90 feet wide.

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