Hall Research
SnugFit HDMI Cables

Hall Research is now shipping  its SnugFit HDMI Cables (CHD-SF latching HDMI cables). The company says that its new cables provide 18Gb/s bandwidth to support 4K UltraHD 60Hz video, and the products are designed for critical applications where a tight and reliable HDMI connection is required.

According to Hall Research, it developed the SnugFit HDMI cables because regular HDMI cables do not secure the connector and can become unplugged with as little as two pounds of force.

Hall Research states the SnugFit cables use spring-loaded protrusions on the top and sides of the HDMI connector to increase the retention force. The company explains the top tabs are positioned in such a way to snap into slots in compatible mating connectors providing tactile and audible feedback of a proper connection. 

The SnugFit cables are available in lengths from 1 to 25 feet .

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SnugFit HDMI Cables
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SnugFit HDMI Cables
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