FHDS130 SOLO LED Display

Designed for quick and easy installation, Optoma’s new FHDS130 SOLO LED display was developed to reside in a range of commercial environments.

Optoma‘s latest display product provides classrooms, boardrooms, houses of worship, retail stores and hospitality businesses with a 130-inch display that delivers sharp and clear images.

The FHDS130 SOLO LED Display provides a 1080p resolution, along with a 3000Hz refresh rate, and a brightness capability up to 800 nits.

Optoma also points out that its latest LED display provides contrast ratios up to 5000:1 to support its use in digital signage scenarios. The company explains the FHDS130 SOLO LED Display takes a consumer electronics approach of utilizing a single power cable versus traditional digital signage products that use multiple power supplies.

In addition to simplifying the installation process and power aspects of the 130-inch display, the unit’s eco-friendly standby mode saves an average of 4,151 pounds of C02eq per year, which translates to seven months of C02 emitted by a car.

Other features the FHDS130 130-inch LED Display offers include a 140-degree viewing angle, RS-232 connectivity, HDBaseT compatibility, and other inputs such as HDMI, VGA and 3G-SDI.

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FHDS130 SOLO LED display
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FHDS130 SOLO LED Display
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