Privacy Camera

Kangaroo is a new company started by a group of ex-Google employees and the manufacturer’s first product is the $99 Privacy Camera.

The newly launched home security company’s camera incorporates Kangaroo‘s proprietary Privacy Shield technology. Kangaroo explains the Privacy Shield technology makes the lens transparent when the system is armed and when the camera is not in use the lens turns opaque.

Kangaroo points out that its Privacy Camera offers other features such as motion detection with instant alerts and recorded video. It also provides real-time streaming with 1080p video and digital zoom, night vision to support night viewing, two-way talk for communicating with visitors, and video cloud storage for up to 30 days.

In addition, the company’s complete home security product line provides Motion+Entry Sensor, Siren+Keypad, and Water+Climate Sensor options that can be controlled from a smart device.

The Privacy Camera comes bundled with a one-year Kangaroo Complete subscription.

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Privacy Camera
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Privacy Camera
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