EVEXFBR1 HDMI Extender over Fiber with IR and RS-232

Introducing a pair of HDMI extenders, Vanco has announced its new Evolution by Vanco EVEXFBR1 HDMI extender and  Evolution by Vanco EVEXFBK1 HDMI extender.

Vanco says the EVEXFBR1 HDMI extender over fiber provides bi-directional IR (20kHz to 60kHz) for source and/or display control, and RS-232 for additional control options.

The other new product from Vanco is the EVEXFBR1. This unit comes with two powered units to support transmitting and receiving. Vanco explains the transmitting unit captures the HDMI with control signals, and it transmits those signals using either multimode or single-mode fiber cables.

Vanco points out the EVEXFBK1 HDMI extender also extends IR and RS-232 signals over fiber, and it adds USB 2.0 KVM (keyboard, video, mouse).

The Ill.-based manufacturer explains that with the EVEXFBK1, integrators won’t have to run additional lines or extenders for KVM control, and it provides the option to control a security NVR/DVR, computer, NAS system and other USB-based components.

Vanco notes the EVEXFBK1 includes transmitter and receiver units, and it works with single mode and multimode fiber cabling.

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EVEXFBR1 HDMI Extender over Fiber with IR and RS-232
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