Environmental Lights
RS232 to DMX Converter

Helping to support the surging interest in lighting control, Environmental Lights has announced its RS232-to-DMX Converter.

The San Diego-based company says that its latest product can be used by professional integrators to incorporate low-voltage LED lighting into whole-house control systems.

Elaborating on how the RS232-to-DMX Converter works, Environmental Lights points out the device receives RS232 signals from the master control system and converts that signal into a DMX signal that is then routed through DMX decoders to control low-voltage lighting.

Environmental Lights notes the lighting signal converter enables professional integrators to add and control tunable white- and color-changing low-voltage LED lighting to their system installations. The product can be used to integrate low-voltage LED lighting into control systems from top manufacturers, including Crestron, Control4 and Savant.

The West Coast company adds that its new converter can also be powered by a range of input voltages spanning nine-to-24VDC, and it supports as many as 512 channels to provide integrators with additional levels of system flexibility.

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RS232 to DMX Converter
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RS232 to DMX Converter
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