Environmental Lights
5-in-1 LED Light Sheet

Adding to its selection of LED lighting products, Environmental Lights has introduced its new 5-in-1 LED Light Sheet.

Environmental Lights explains that its new 5-in-1 LED Light Sheet is a cuttable and modular light sheet that is designed for applications in which users need either bold colors or soft pastels.

The San Diego-based company points out the LED light sheet packages five LEDs in every node on each light sheet. Environmental Lights goes on to says that all five colors can also be mixed to create a range of colors.

Some of the 5-in-1 LED Light Sheet other options include 12-cut segments that incorporate six 5-in-1 nodes for a total of 72 nodes per sheet.

The company adds the light sheets are available in two versions: Tunable White and Amber+White. The Tunable White pairs an RGB diode with 2,500K and 6,500K white diodes. The Amber+White model offers an RGB diode with one amber diode and one 6,500K white diode.

Each of the light sheets run on 24-volts, and the products are UL listed. The lights sheets come with one jumper connector and one bare wire to SM connector.

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5-in-1 LED Light Sheet
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5-in-1 LED Light Sheet
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