Environmental Lights’ New LED Strip Lights Solve Tricky Lighting Issues

The Precision 2835 LED Strip Light, HyperFlex LED Strip Light and other new products from Environmental Lights offer integrators simpler ways to create stunning scenes through LED lighting.

Environmental Lights’ New LED Strip Lights Solve Tricky Lighting Issues

Environmental Lights designed the ProFlex LED Strip Light with outdoor applications in mind.

It's no secret integrators are starting to think about lighting in new ways — adding fixtures, human-centric lighting, LED strips and more to their projects to round out each unique job. And lighting vendors are taking note.

Environmental Lights has a number of LED lighting solutions for the retail, exhibit, staging and other commercial markets, and more recently the company is looking closely at the residential AV space, announcing several new unique lighting products this summer. 

The San Diego company's new LED strip lights were developed to solve many issues integrators have running LED lighting throughout the home — things like matching exact lengths of a lighting area, running lights around tight areas and finding a durable product. 

Precision 2835 LED Strip Light

The Precision 2835 LED Strip Light is intended for installation scenarios that require more exact control over the size or length of the strip. 

“Specialty fabrication constantly challenges designers to push the creative envelope, often resulting in fixtures of all shapes and sizes,” notes Jordan Brooks, president of Environmental Lights“We designed a product to make it easy to fit within the specific lengths that our customers need.”

Integrators can create sizes with two LEDs per segment, at lengths as small as 1.31 inches or 33.3mm. The strip light comes in five-meter reels with 60 LEDs per meter. A UL-listed product, the strip light runs on 24-volts DC electric power. 

HyperFlex LED Strip Light

Environmental Lights calls it a “wonderfully versatile” tape light that allows users to make tight turns on flat surfaces. The strip's circuit board features a unique design that allows it to bend, twist and turn in ways that regular LED strip light cannot.

HyperFlex 2835 LED Strip Light is also UL-listed and makes use of CurrentControl IC chips to ensure there are no noticeable effects of voltage drop on runs up to 10 meters. It is available in CCTs of 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K and 6000K. The HyperFlex strip also comes in an RGB version, in addition to the white.

ProFlex LED Strip Light

This is a more rugged strip light, housed in a durable silicone casing, with an enhanced, dual-layer circuit board for added structural integrity and a clear finish to give it a polished appearance. ProFlex is injection molded and IP67 rated, for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

“Our customers had been asking for a flexible strip light that is rugged enough to withstand a variety of weather conditions,” says Jamison Day, CEO of Environmental Lights.

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Brooks added, “We designed ProFlex LED Strip Light with outdoor applications in mind. It is injection molded and enclosed in UV-resistant silicone, making it the ideal LED strip light for demanding conditions.”

ProFlex LED Strip Light is UL-listed and can be used in run lengths up to 15 meters when powered from one end. It is available in several color temperatures, with CCT options of 2,700K, 4,000K and 5,700K. In addition to choosing from a selection of color temperatures, users can also decide between 5-meter or 10-meter reels. 

RGB 160 Degree LED Light Bar

Calling it the “first of its kind,” Environmental Lights says its new light bar can be used for any application requiring RGB backlighting. Each RGB 160 Degree LED Light Bar is equipped with six high power RGB LEDs for bright and consistent illumination. The light bars utilize an optical lens over each LED to provide even distribution of light with a wide beam angle of 160 degrees. 

Including precut mounting holes, the bars are dimmable and can be controlled using a variety of LED controllers and dimmers from Environmental Lights. They're UL-listed, compatible with complex DMX lighting systems, and can also be used in conjunction with DMX decoders for ultimate lighting control.