Environmental Lights
EcoFlex 4-in-1 Neon LED Lights

San Diego-based Environmental Lights is a major manufacturer of LED lighting products. The company’s newest product is its EcoFlex 4-in-1 Neon LED Lights.

Environmental Lights states that its latest LED lighting product is designed as a replacement solution for traditional LED lighting solutions. The EcoFlex 4-in-1 Neon LED Lights deliver more color options than standard lighting products, including the ability to mix RGB with one of three color options.

The West Coast manufacturer emphasizes that users can create colors that were not previously possible through the use of standard LED lights through its many color options.

UL Listed, the EcoFlex 4-in-1 is also designed to serve integrators and users as a low-maintenance solution. The UV resistant, IP65 rated line of products come with factory sealed ends, and are made using materials such as flexible silicone housings that provide 40mm lateral bending radius capabilities.

Environmental Lights adds that its new LED lights are available in lengths up to 5 meters, and the company offers options for either 3,000K or 6,500K amber diodes.

In addition, the company says that integrators can use the EcoFlex 4-in-1 Neon LED lights for commercial applications such as retail, and scenic residential installations.

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