Bluesound Professional
BSP200 network streaming speaker

Providing integrators with a turnkey audio solution for commercial environments, Bluesound Professional has announced its BSP200 Network Streaming Speaker.

Bluesound Professional says its latest product utilizes the company’s BluOS operating system and companion BluOS app. The all-in-one active speaker also utilizes Power over Ethernet (PoE) for power to enable integrators to setup the speaker with a simple, one-cable connection that delivers not only power, but audio too.

The Ontario, Canada-based audio manufacturer explains the BSP200 Network Streaming Speaker allows users to stream content from a choice of streaming services that include SoundMachine, Custom Channels, QSIC, SiriusXM Music for Business, and Internet radio stations. Bluesound Professional also notes the streaming speaker supports the ability to play audio content that is stored locally.

Some of the other options the Bluesound Professional BSP200 Network Streaming Speaker offers include the ability to set the speaker up as a single, standalone product, or the speaker can be setup in traditional stereo pairs.

Available in a choice of black or white finishes, the speaker incorporates a 3.5-inch midrange woofer and a 1-inch tweeter that’s driven by a 23-watt high-efficiency amplifier that includes a standby mode. Bluesound Professional specifies the BSP200’s frequency response at 45Hz to 20kHz, and the speaker’s built-in DSP processing provides options for equalization and other processing capabilities.

Bluesound Professional adds the speaker also offers a USB input, and it notes the speaker is capable of producing a maximum SPL level of 102dB via PoE+.

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BSP200 network streaming speaker
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