Andover Audio SpinDeck Max Fully Automatic Turntable

Bolstering its selection of products within its Spin Collection of solutions, Andover Audio has announced its SpinDeck Max automatic turntable.

The Massachusetts audio company says that its new turntable can be used with its SpinBase Turntable Speaker System or within any standard AV system.

Andover Audio states the SpinDeck Max provides users with fully automatic operation in which all that needs to be done is flick the start/stop switch. Once the turntable is started the tonearm will rise up from its resting position and start playing at the beginning of a record. At the end of a record it will lift up automatically and return to its resting position.

The SpinDeck Max also allows users to select record speed, and it comes with an Ortofon OM10 cartridge. This cartridge incorporates an elliptical stylus and it provides a 1.5g tracking force.

Other features the turntable offers include a belt-drive system that utilizes a rubber-isolated, low-vibration DC motor with internal electronic servo regulation for accurate speed control and low wow and flutter. The SpinDeck Max also incorporates a machined aluminum platter—and both the platter and tonearm are isolated from the table’s MDF plinth by elastomeric cones to absorb vibration and to ensure stable playback on uneven surfaces.

Andover Audio adds the SpinDeck Max is available in a choice of black or white finishes.

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SpinDeck MAX automatic turntable
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