Andover Audio

Andover Audio is a new consumer audio company and its Spinbase is designed to serve users that need a stable surface for their turntables, and who have limited space for loudspeakers.

Andover Audio says the Spinbase is engineered to produce a 270-degree sound field, and through the use of its Isogroove technologies, the all-in-one turntable shelf/speaker system minimizes vibrations to eliminate vinyl playback.

The suburban Boston-based company says the Spinbase also utilizes a minimalist industrial design to help the unit integrate into a variety of home spaces.

The all-in-one solution’s rear provides a phono input, along with a secondary set of analog RCA inputs to support the connection of CD players, streaming audio devices and cable set-top boxes (STBs). The rear panel also includes bass and treble controls to help users fine tune the speaker system’s sound depending on its location within a room.

On the unit’s front panel is an easy-to-use centrally located volume knob to allow users to walk over and turn their favorite songs up or down depending on the situation.

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