Quest Group Promotes Matt Hegt, Frédéric Pinsonneault and Shaun Schuetz

Keeping pace with the evolving consumer electronics industry, the Quest Group has promoted Matt Hegt, Frédéric Pinsonneault and Shaun Schuetz.

The company says Matt Hegt has been named director of E-commerce; Frédéric Pinsonneault has been named national sales director, Canada; and Shaun Schuetz has been named chief sales officer.

The Quest Group notes that Hegt will work to ensure that its products are accurately presented throughout the online marketplace, which includes Amazon.

Recently Pinsonneault assumed a leadership role to provide support for the company’s Canadian consumers, and through the promotion he will assume an even more visible position. He will continue to collaborate with Rashpal Rai (RSM, Western Canada) to further strengthen the presence of both AudioQuest and GoldenEar throughout Canada.

Quest Group adds that Shaun Schuetz has 20 years of experience in the audio/video industry, including sales management roles that took him all across the United States to Latin America, Asia, and back again deep perspective on the global audio market.

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