Dave Pedigo Named CEO of Auralex Acoustics

David Pedigo will become the new chief executive officer for Auralex Acoustics, the industry’s leading provider of acoustical treatments, according to Eric Smith, Auralex owner and president.

“Dave has come in since day one and shown incredible leadership,” says Smith.

“We share the same vision for the future of the company, and I know he’ll do a fantastic job in this role.”

Pedigo joined Auralex in February as director of residential technology and quickly set to work helping bring Smith’s Royale acoustical treatment to market. His primary focus as CEO will be accelerated innovation and growth, particularly in international markets, while maintaining best-in-class solutions at an affordable price.

“Auralex is an amazing company with a rich history and an impeccable reputation,” states Pedigo.

“[A] Vast opportunity lies ahead, and I am excited to lead the charge. Auralex has a very talented and experienced staff and I’m honored and thrilled to work alongside them.”

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