Auralex Acoustic Panels Are Eco-Friendly, Blend Into Interior Spaces

The new Auralex EcoTech Acoustical panels provide integrators with a choice of panels that can be used to treat residential and commercial room environments.

Auralex Acoustic Panels Are Eco-Friendly, Blend Into Interior Spaces

Auralex has redesigned its EcoTech line of acoustical products, and integrators can use the product line in residential or commercial environments.

Revising its multipurpose series of acoustical panels, Auralex's new EcoTech product line can be used by integrators to improve speech intelligibility in residential and commercial spaces. 

Auralex says that its new EcoTech panels are cost-effective acoustical products that incorporate improved fire, moisture, mold, and bacterial resistance.

The products are engineered to provide absorptive properties, and they are also lightweight, easy-to-handle. In addition, due to their white color, they blend into a range of interior environments. 

In commercial settings, the company says integrators can utilize the EcoTech products in nightclubs, restaurants, soundstages, recording studios, healthcare facilities, gymnasiums, and other similar environments.

In residential settings, integrators can deploy the products in dedicated theater rooms and multipurpose rooms. 

The Auralex EcoTech includes these products:

Auralex EcoTech Product Options & Info

Auralex Sustain Bamboo Sound Diffusors 

The environmentally friendly Bamboo Sound Diffusor panels are made from sustainably grown and harvested bamboo. Auralex says the Bamboo Sound Diffusors install quickly, and integrators can mount the products on walls, ceilings or in drop-grid configurations. 

Sustain Prism 

The 3-inch x 23.75-inch x 23.75-inch Sustain Prism eliminates flutter echoes and other acoustical issues without removing acoustical energy from the room. 

Auralex explains the Sustain Prism disperses sound evenly to help create a consistent listening or recording environment, and the product mounts to walls or as part of drop-grid configurations. 

Sustain Metro

Measuring 2.61-inches x 23.25-inches x 23.25-inches, the Sustain Metro is designed to add a contemporary look to interior spaces. The product was developed to disperse acoustical energy throughout a listening space without removing a room's ambient qualities.

The Sustain Metro is a wall mount acoustical product.  

Sustain Lens

Auralex's Sustain Lens is a 3-inch x 23.75-inch x 23.75-inch product that scatters and redirects acoustical energy. 

An alternative to absorption products, the Sustain Lens can be used for situations such as the creation of a “large room” in a small-room space by redirecting sound by efficiently channeling acoustical energy into adjacent spaces. 

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The Sustain Lens is intended for ceiling-grid applications only. 

Sustain QuadraTec

The Sustain QuadraTec is a 4.1-inch x 23.75-inch x 23.75-inch provides scattering properties to help produce a “warm, musical character to dispersed sound.”

Auralex says the QuadraTec diffusors are mirrored, nested pairs to provide integrators two diffusion tools when used in combination or in larger arrays to create a more, “spacious feel in any room.”

The QuadraTec installs on walls or in ceiling grids.

Sustain Pyramid

At 6-inches x 23.75-inches x 23.75-inches the Systain Pyramid provides sound diffusion, while doubling as a bass trap when filled with absorptive material. 

The product's bamboo material is said to offer a more musical experience when tested against comparable products made from hardened fiberglass or plastic the company states. 

Integrators can wall mount the Systain Pyramid products or assemble the products in ceiling hangs. 

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