World’s Largest 4K TV Spans 262 Inches and Costs $549,000

The C Seed 262 breaks the world record for a 4K TV diagonal length of 262 inches and adds six integrated high-end speakers for a 7.1. or 9.1 cinema surround environment to boot.

Jordan O'Brien

Austrian-based C Seed, the self-proclaimed giant TV specialist, wanted to push the envelope as to what's possible with a large screen TV. That's why its 4K TV not only breaks the world record for a diagonal length of 262 inches, but it adds six integrated high-end speakers for total quality sound in a 7.1. or 9.1 cinema surround environment.

Audio is an important aspect of the C Seed 262, as it's called, and while its sound system will be unlikely to rival that of a dedicated array of speakers around the room, it’s been developed in collaboration with L-Acoustics and should pack a big sound punch. 

The TV is designed to be the centerpiece of any room, which is evident giving its sheer size. Despite that, it can be concealed with a motorized fabric cover, which will hide the almost bezel-less screen.

Engineering a 262-inch screen is not easy, although C Seed still managed to pack in a contrast ratio of 5,000:1 and a brightness of 800 nits, leading to rather impressive visuals. While its pixels will likely be a little more obvious on the giant screen than on a smaller model, given the pixel density of 16.95-inch PPI, those sitting far enough away should receive a pretty impressive image.

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c seed 4k tv

This isn’t C Seed’s first impressively massive TV. The company was also the manufacturer of the Red Dot ‘Best of the Best 2012’ design award after it collaborated with Porsche Design for a giant 201-inch outdoor LED TV.

This showpiece simply pops up out of the ground and flips open, perfect for BBQs and other outdoor events.

Price to Match

Prospective buyers of the company’s 262-inch TV should expect to drop a pretty penny in order to get one. That’s because it’s priced at $549,000, without factoring in costs for the built-in media server and the standard installation price of $38,500.

At that price, users could buy quite a number of LG’s wallpaper thin W7 OLED TVs – which come in both 77-inch and 65-inch variants. Those opting for the 77-inch variant could make a video wall consisting of 27 screens, creating an almost 500-inch TV for the same cost. The 65-inch variant would create a TV upwards of 800-inches, due to the 68 TVs $549,000 could buy.

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This article originally appeared on CE Pro Europe.