Why Do So Many Integrator Job Recruitment Ads Stink?

In hot economy, use your open job recruitment ads as marketing opportunity, yet many integrators do poor job.

Why Do So Many Integrator Job Recruitment Ads Stink?

A look through CE Pro's Integrator Jobs board reveals a whole lot of jobs with not a lot of pizzazz.

Every custom installation company is seeking great technicians, but looking at some of the recruitment ads we receive on CE Pro’s new Integratorjobs.com job board website, you’d think this was the most boring industry on the planet. Landing a job flipping burgers in a fast-food joint sounds more intriguing than some of the listings.

With today’s entry-level workforce coming from the Millennial generation, integrators need to use their job postings as a marketing message for their company.

Here’s a great example:

That’s it, except for the pay rate (a healthy $50/hour), and the location (a very cold industrial city in the Northeast known for its losing football and hockey teams). Nothing about why this is a great company, or how the candidate can expect a career path and an investment in training. Nothing about how the company takes pride in its work, or about creating satisfied customers. Nothing about vacation or bonus opportunities.

Don’t get me wrong, $50/hour is a great pay rate, but the lack of information, and lack of energy, is likely a turnoff to a potential employee, especially given the city’s climate. (By the way, the Integratorjobs.com website does not charge by the word for job listings, in case you were wondering.)

This ad is not the only weak one. Indeed, many others are just as crummy.

“The ideal candidate is someone who takes pride in their work and wants to develop a career in the commercial and residential AV industry.”

On the flip side, the recruitment ad by Premium Installation in New Jersey is one that will likely entice a Millennial to apply. The company spends time to describe its values, noting: “Since 2005, we have worked with designers, decorators, engineers and developers to bring unique visions to life! Our solutions range from universal remote controls and turnkey lighting solutions to complete automation systems. Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals have created one of a kind designs that increase the value of homes and set businesses apart from their competition.”

Related to the specific position, the ad goes on to note the company is seeking an installation technician who “combines their technical expertise with exceptional craftsmanship to deliver reliable, easy to use systems on time and on budget for the company’s clients.”

In a lengthy list of job duties, the ad uses phrases like “self-manage your time” and “under the direction of Project Management” giving a candidate a sense of his or her autonomy while also acknowledging there is a training program in place. Finally, the listing notes: “The ideal candidate is someone who takes pride in their work and wants to develop a career in the commercial and residential AV industry.”

The only things missing from the ad are photos of employees playing ping-pong while wearing flip-flops!

Where do I sign up?

So before you write out your next recruitment ad, ask yourself if you are making the most of it as a marketing opportunity. 

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