URC Assists D.C.-Area Dealer in Creating Happy Commercial Customers

Nard’s Entertainment Services specs URC to anchor AV and automation systems into corporate offices, bars, fitness centers and more.


John Carroll of Nard's Entertainment Services says URC has helped the integrator create systems for a range of commercial clientele.

Empowering its dealers to “do more, be more” was the theme of this year’s URC booth at CEDIA Expo 2019 in Denver, Colo.

For Nard’s Entertainment Services in northern Virginia, just outside of D.C., having URC as a trusted industry partner has led to award-winning jobs and specialty success in various commercial markets. Nard’s is doing more and being more particularly when it comes to commercial clientele.

During the residential-focused tradeshow, John Carroll of Nard’s validated URC staging a sports bar vignette in its booth to illustrate how dealers are installing its Total Control residential automation platform in simple-to-deploy and simple-to-use systems in light commercial applications.

Variety of Commercial Vertical Markets Served

Nard’s has focused on commercial real estate customers since the early 1970s, the CTO explains, with AV and control systems going into conference rooms, board rooms, lounges, fitness centers and more.

“We build smart buildings,” Carroll says. “We build one cohesive system for an entire building to operate on. We bring technology that you would see at home into your workplace.”

“I always say the best tool my technicians have in their toolbag is their URC rep. They’re on our speed dial.”

–John Carroll, Nard’s Entertainment Services

As with today’s smart homes, the smart buildings rely on a central brains of the operation to distribute all the AV properly and enable integrators to create easy-to-navigate user interfaces for the customers’ employees.

Nard’s has developed a tight partnership with URC to continue providing that essential piece.

Reps ‘Most Important Relationship in My Business’

“URC is the most important relationship I have in my business today,” Carroll says. “I always say the best tool my technicians have in their toolbag is their URC rep.

“They’re on our speed dial. Any issue we have they answer their phones, they listen to our needs, and there’s no issue that we can’t solve with our URC reps. They are absolutely the most important relationship I have.”

URC, which also showcased its new architectural loudspeakers and new and improved URC lighting solution, helped Nard’s earn recognition as a winner in the manufacturer’s annual URC Unsurpassed Awards this year for a smart office project.

“Business is about a win-win, and everything with URC is how do we win together, how do we grow together, how do we come up with new and innovative ways to do things,” Carroll says.

“URC is like a big family, and the integrators are an extension of that family.”