Tesla Model X Acts as Operational ‘Office’ for Integrator

Jeff Kesterson of Nightwatch Security & Telephone controls lighting, security, locks and HVAC via 17-inch touchscreen inside Tesla Model X automobile.


Jeff Kesterson, owner of Nightwatch Security & Telephone, LLC in Sedalia, Mo., has a penchant for security and automation – and a love of his Tesla Model X vehicle. He recently discovered that his all-electric Tesla sports utility vehicle could readily incorporate the Connected Technologies' Connect ONE integrated systems cloud-hosted user interface via its on-board Internet browser, allowing access to automation capabilities via the 17-inch in-car touchscreen. 

“It was easy to access and run Connect ONE from the Tesla for access to both mobile and desktop user portals,” said Kesterson. He was unsuccessful at uploading other provider’s cloud-hosted services – while Connect ONE worked flawlessly.

“I use it to automate functions at my home, like opening the garage door or locking or unlocking doors, which I can accomplish from anywhere I go and have an Internet signal,” he says. “I operate Connect ONE through the user portal, just like any customer would from any web-enabled device.”

He likewise uses the in-car interface to remotely control the company’s office security, exterior building lighting, signage lighting and door locks.

It could also be used to control Connect ONE video, access control, HVAC, lighting, energy management and other functions of the integrated systems solution. 

Using the 17-inch in-vehicle screen inside his Tesla Model X, Kesterson can control Nightwatch Security's building HVAC, lights and see its security camera feeds. 

Connect ONE is a web-hosted interface that manages security, access control, video, critical temperature monitoring and more, from an easy-to-use platform accessible from PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Connected Technologies partners with firms such as Nest, Honeywell, Bosch, Elk Products and others. 

“I see the day coming when more and more cars will have Internet access,” he continues. “Connect ONE is definitely ahead of the game and on the cutting edge with this type of seamless connectivity.”

Software Simplicity

Kesterson, who has been an authorized dealer for about six years, said he likes the simplicity of the software compared to others on the market, as well as the high level of support from Connected Technologies.

“It’s so easy for my customers to use,” he says. “That means a better experience for them and fewer support and service calls for me.”

Nightwatch Security & Telephone is a family-owned and operated installation and central station company. Kesterson started the company in 1980 while in college and opened the regional central monitoring station in 1995. The company now has 15 employees, including central station operators, serving commercial and residential customers.  

Nightwatch focuses on providing superior service to customers and that’s how the company competes successfully in the security market.

“It’s so easy to use the features of Connect ONE from the Tesla. It’s almost like it’s built into the car.”