Sonos Redesigns NASDAQ Stock Market Bell

NASDAQ partnered with Sonos to give the tired, old bell a revamp to celebrate the company going public.


While stock market traders in NYC Times Square frantically make last-second trades, they’ll hear the sound of Sonos bearing down on them. That’s because the new NASDAQ bell is the result of a partnership between the stock exchange and the electronics company.

The Sonos NASDAQ bell features an array of sounds recorded by Sonos to celebrate the company listing shares in an initial public offering. The wireless audio company has priced its IPO at $15 per share, which values it at nearly $1.5 billion.

Creating a New NASDAQ Bell

The Sonos NASDAQ bell features different instruments and effects — some as organic as dropping a dime into a Tibetan singing bowl — produced by Sonos sound experience lead Giles Martin and sound engineer Chris Jenkins.

More from Sonos:

“Like other bells, this one tells us something important. The new bell is a reflection of how Nasdaq sees the world differently, the sense of achievement their guests feel when ringing the bell, and a signal of the trading day through this iconic sound.

“It celebrates Sonos becoming a public company. It tells the world that we take sound seriously and deeply value the listening experience.


“Most of all, it represents both companies’ vision for continued, relentless pursuit of what’s possible.”

What does the Sonos NASDAQ bell sound like?

Take a listen to the former bell, and now the new NASDAQ bell. Note that each clip contains the signature 15-second NASDAQ opening/closing music that plays before the actual bell.

There's definitely a difference, due in part to the aforementioned Tibetan bowl, but there's also a certain level of sound quality present in the clip that was previously missing.